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It’s National Wine Week – here’s 27 reasons wine is better than sex – Metro

It's National Wine Week – here's 27 reasons wine is better than sex
Some would argue that sex pips it to the post in terms of general gratification, however I'm not so sure. From a Shiraz with pizzazz to a peachy Pinot Grigio, 27 reasons why wine is better than sex. 1. Wine knows what you want without you having to

How To Use Massage To Have Better Sex – Bustle

How To Use Massage To Have Better Sex
Yeah, yeah: Everyone everywhere promises better, hotter, more fulfilling sex, pledging mind-bending orgasms and life-changing sex positions left and right. One thing you don't often hear: how massage improves your sex life. This is not a drill, folks

3 trends that make sex lives better – Toronto Sun

Toronto Sun
3 trends that make sex lives better
Toronto Sun
However, amidst the usual ridiculousness, there are always a few trends that stick around and change our sex lives for the better. This is the case with a handful of sexy trends that have taken hold in 2015. Here are a few sex trends that I hope are

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Should we masturbate more?

Can masturbation make us better lovers? The fact is that masturbation should never be ruled out, says Tina from London escorts. It can actually teach us a lot about her sex lives, and even teach us how we can last longer in bed. The fact is when you masturbate, you often use your fantasy and we all know that we can learn a lot from our fantasy sex lives. Most people probably don’t act all parts of their fantasy sex lives out, but we probably act out some small parts. Like I often say to the girls at London escorts – good sex often takes place in your head.

Lots of cheap London escorts seem to think that more of us are becoming solo players, or not forming lasting relationships. The truth is that we seem to be too busy with life in general to get involved in relationships. Just like many other people around London, London escorts find it difficult to keep up with relationships. Personally, I have not been in a long term relationship for the last two years. I am not so sure that we are any longer that dedicated to getting married and having a proper family life with a full time partner.

At cheap London escorts, I date a lot of gents who do not seem to have any intention of getting married. When I speak to them, they seem to prefer to be solo players, or to date London escorts. It might just be a sign of the times, but I am sure that we are spending less time with other people. I personally don’t think it is a good idea as we do really miss out on human contact. A lot of the gents that I date, do seem to crave sexy companionship more than anything else.

So, what is the point of sex if we are going to masturbate alone at home? Many of my dates at cheap London escorts, say that they are really into masturbation. A couple of the guys even claim that self satisfaction has taught them to be better lovers, and last longer in bed. One guy that I chat to a lot at cheap London escorts, says that he has learned his own limits. He knows that he can handle a certain amount, and then he just has to let go. If, self satisfaction teaches you that, I suppose that is a good thing.

I would hate to spend all my days with my vibrator. Even though I do meet a lot of people at cheap London escorts, I still feel that I need true human contact. That skin to skin feeling is very special to me, and I am not so sure that I will be able to live without it. At the moment, it really pains me that I don’t have time for a personal relationship. I really wish things were different, and that I had more time to enjoy myself in my personal life. Many people probably are in the same boat as me and wonder what the heck is going on, and why they just don’t seem to be able to support a relationship.…

This is how we remake monogamy: More choices, better sex, better marriages – Salon

This is how we remake monogamy: More choices, better sex, better marriages
There was a time, just a few generations ago, when there was a broad societal consensus on the definition of monogamy. It meant lifelong sexual exclusivity — virginity until marriage and absolutely no sexual interaction with anyone else “till death do

Couples Who Share Chores May Have Better Sex, And Sex More Often – Huffington Post

Huffington Post
Couples Who Share Chores May Have Better Sex, And Sex More Often
Huffington Post
A new study from the University of Alberta found that male-female couples had better and more frequent sex when men chipped in with the chores. The findings revealed that when a man felt he was making fair contributions to household chores, the couple …
Men who do their fair share of housework have a better sex lifeMedical News Today

Men who help with housework 'have more and better sex'
Men Who Help With Housework Have Better and More Frequent Sex: StudyDetails –Metro – –PsycNET – Display Record – American Psychological Association
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