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I would like to be good to you…

My name is Marilyn and I would like to be good to you this evening. I am not sure what you call being good but I have some really exciting ways in which I can show you how to be good. Of course, if you like, you can be good to me as well. I love men who are good to me and if you are really good to me, I will let you come back to see time again. Then you can really show me what you mean by being good to me. I would just love that, and maybe some of the other girls at St Johns Wood escorts services would like that as well.


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So, what are we like here at St Johns Wood escorts. We are a bunch of girls who like to be good to our men. That means showing you pleasure in many exciting and sensual ways. I have my own idea of how you should be sensual when you are with a man, and I think that you may find that you will like it. After all, there is nothing like getting to know each other on a more personal basis. That is exactly what I specialise in and I think that you are going to like that.

But you are going to have to promise that you are going to be a good boy? Not all of the gents I meet here at St Johns Wood escorts would like to be good boys when they are with us. In that case, we will have to tell them off a little bit. You see, we can be really bad girls as well. Do you like bad girls? I a m going to let you in on a little secret. There are some days when I really like being a bad girl. The way I do that is very special, but I think that I had better tell you more about that when we meet on an one to one basis.

Do all gents like to meet me on an one to one basis? No they don’t so it is a good thing that I have playmate here at St Johns Wood escorts. The way we play is very special and intimate. If this is the first time you are contacting our agency, I would not want to take us both on. But if you have a little bit of experience of dating hot girls like me, it could be the special treat that you will need tonight. After all, it is nice to experience something different from time to time.

Did you know that experiencing new things and venturing to new horizons can be good for you? I would like to show you that things can be very different and make your life more pleasurable. More than likely you are already enjoying your life, but I would like you to enjoy it even more. If you would like to know how you can enjoy your life even more, I would recommend that you check out our website. I am sure that you will find some new exciting partner that you can enjoy your life with more. Believe me, we have a lot of special girls here at St Johns Wood escorts, who would like to make sure you enjoy life.…

Bill Cosby, Sexual Safety Guru? Here’s a Better Idea – New York Times

New York Times
Bill Cosby, Sexual Safety Guru? Here's a Better Idea
New York Times
His team took a page out of the Trump playbook on Monday, blaming the media for “sensationalism” about the meetings and saying they would not be about sexual assault but about education. On Tuesday, a lawyer for Mr. Cosby cast doubt on the entire …
No verdict yet in Bill Cosby's trial, jurors to return on FridayCNN

The charges against Bill Cosby and the sentences they carry – AP NewsAP News
Bill Cosby to stand trial for assault charges, judge rulesCNN
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The future of Snapchat filters could allow you to have virtual sex with whoever you want – Quartz

The future of Snapchat filters could allow you to have virtual sex with whoever you want
Have you ever thought about using Snapchat's filters during sex? Try it! It could really up your role-playing game—you could turn your partner into a Disney princess, a cat, or even a strawberry! As soon as we overcome the turn-off of holding a bulky

The with adventurous in Welling escorts



Emma calling earth – come in earth! Well, actually I am right here in Welling but I many of my fellow Welling escorts from say that I am a bit spaced out. Okay, I will admit that I am probably one of the more adventurous Welling escorts but the agency bosses of my Welling escorts agency say that it doesn’t matter. Apparently, many gents like yourself like to meet with adventurous Welling escorts.

What do you like to do on a date? I am into all sorts of things. I am a bit of party girl at heart, but if you like I can be just as enchanting as my fellow Welling escorts. But here is the thing, you do really need to tell me what you are looking for so that I can get ready for you. I have many different outfits that I can wear but I don’t know what you are looking for.

Perhaps you are looking for Nosie. She is a nice lady who can help you to soothe away all of those stresses and tensions that have built up during the week. Nosie loves to come out and play to treat wounded souls and bodies, and you can tell Nosie all about your innermost fears, desires and dreams. She will not judge you, all she wants to do is to ease your pain and let you experience true pleasure under her experience hands. You can say that Nosie has the most magic touch and would love to spend hours nursing you back to health in whatever way. Intensive care is Nosie’s specialty and if you think that you need intensive treatment, Nosie will soon find out.

Madame Lulu is a French lady who comes around sometimes to help me with my cleaning. I think that she is figure of my imagination as sometimes I find her looking back at me in the mirror. She seems to have very big dusters, and loves to clean up after all her big naughty boys. Whether you have a clean or a filthy mind, it doesn’t matter to Lulu. She seems to be able to cope with both, and she is more than happy for you to tell her all your little dirty secrets.

You may have to know your place a little bit with Madame Lulu as she does not like any crumbs on the carpet at all. She can get a little bit stroppy over crumbs on the carpet, and may even make you clean them up yourself. She has all the cleaning tools of the trade, and if you are really good, she will let you play with them so you can show her that you know how to please her.

There are many other personalities who share my lovely apartment with me as well. If you have anybody special that you like to meet, please tell me, and I will check the wardrobes of my mind. You never know who lives in those, and may want to pop out to say hello to you when you visit.…

Sex Might Actually Be Better In An Airplane, Thanks To These 3 Factors – Bustle

Sex Might Actually Be Better In An Airplane, Thanks To These 3 Factors
Joining the Mile High Club is on a lot of people's sex bucket lists— while others just want to scream, "WHY!?! THE GERMS!!! Have you SEEN an airplane bathroom!?". But whether you've thought about it before or not, there are signs that having sex in an …

Would You Like a Friend Tonight?

I am not sure what you are doing this evening, but I am pretty sure that you are just like anyone else and would like a friend tonight. If that is the case, I would love to meet you. To be honest, I like a friend as well, and in that case, I thought that you and I could hook up. I am not very hard to find, and all you really need to do is to pick up the phone and call London escorts. It will not take me very long to get to you..


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Once we meet, I am going to tell you about the many great services that we offer here at London escorts. Not only can you go out for a drink with us, but we can have fun together in other ways as well. For instance, if you have been a bad boy this week, I am just going to have to tell you off. I know of some interesting ways of doing so, and I am sure that you may even enjoy some of them. Are you that kind of guy…

If you are not sure what you would like to do tonight, I would like the chance to invite you to a night of fun and adult adventure over at my place. Do you know London well? Well, if you don’t know London very well, all you need to do is to tell a cab driver with the Knowledge where I am based, and he will take you right to my front door. It does not take very long to get here, and once you are here, you will be able to hook up with and my friends at London escorts.

But, then again, if you don’t want to spend your time indoors, and have some fun with us girls at London escorts, we could go out. I know some excellent places that you and I could go to, and I have this feeling that you would really enjoy the way I party. Should you not be permanently based in London, I have some special places to show you in Soho. This is one of the best places to hang out in here in London once the sun goes down. I promise you that you will have a really good time.

We have another option as well. If you like, we could always go out to dine. Just tell me what kind of food that you like to eat, and I will make sure that I find the perfect restaurant for the two of us. You will enjoy dining with me. London escorts really know how to dine out, and I know all of the places that you and I could go to where we can have some fun at the same time. It will be great, and I will make sure that there is some very special dessert on the menu. The way I enjoy dessert is pretty unique, and I would like to introduce you to the way that I eat dessert.…

WATCH: The mattress designed for better sex – Independent Online

Independent Online
WATCH: The mattress designed for better sex
Independent Online
Bagniewski, 35, who previously helped run Groupon in the UK, said: "Other mattresses get quite hot because they mould to your body shape. You sink into them, which means they're not great for sex. "We have developed a foam that is bouncier and cooler, …

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend


When I was a little girl I used to laugh at the expression of diamonds being a girls’ best friend. However, since I grew up a bit, I have started to learn the value of things like diamonds and gold. I must admit that I do get paid pretty well from London escorts, and I often spend my money on being nice “bling” as they call it. Like so many other girls here at London escorts, I do own my own place, but you need to invest in other things as well. Some women buy things which do not go up in value, but diamonds certainly do.


I don’t fancy myself as a commodities trader or anything like that, but I do appreciate a nice bit of jewelry. Some of the girls that I work with at London escorts are beginning to think the same way. We have actually started to cruise the Hatton Garden district in London together. If you are serious about buying nice jewelry, Hatton Garden is the best place to come. So, if you are around, and see a bunch of attractive girls, it may even be us girls from London escorts of


Finding good quality stuff is important, so I have introduced many of my colleagues at London escorts to some dealers that I know. It has worked in my favor. Now, when I go shopping for diamonds, I get a better deal from my top dealers. Honestly, they all make me laugh but they do say that I have a good eye. Over the years, I have become kind of interested. Perhaps when I have had enough of London escorts, I will get a bit more involved, I do love all of this bling.


Some people say that diamonds are only crystals, but it is in fact an entire science. I have been teaching my friends at London escorts all about the different color diamonds that you can get. Most of the girls at London escorts thought that clear diamonds was the only diamond that you can buy, but there are other colors as well. Blue diamonds are very rare, and finding a good quality one can be a priceless find. I have never bough one but I have seen them. Let’s put it this way, I don’t really have enough money yet to invest in one.


I am sure that many of you have heard of African conflict diamonds, but have you heard of London escorts diamonds? London escorts diamonds is our own little investment club. It used to make the boss of our agency laugh a lot, but let’s say that he is not laughing any more. He has become really interested into what we do, and it would be fair to say that he loves diamonds as much as we do. They have become his retirement plan, and I think that he is on the right track. Perhaps we should all look at things that glitter a bit differently and learn a bit more.…